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ABC Garments embraces the business accuracy by 95%

About ABC Garments

Garment Store of 8000 Sq Ft. ABC Garments is one of the leading kids wear covering a retail space of 8000 sq ft. It caters to all the necessities of kids from 0-15 years. Product range includes kids clothing, accessories, baby products, night wear, toys, etc.

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Accuracy is Business


Business Growth

Before Retail365cloud

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • Maintenance of huge piles of stock.
  • Improve efficiency of staff.
  • Integration of financial accounts and loyalty program.
  • Replace outdated system with scalable, high performance.
  • Enable fast and well-informed decision making.
  • Implement best of IT services to enable business expansion.
  • Training limited staff members on respective fronts to achieve maximum resource utilization.

Solutions and Services Offered with Reasoning by Retail365Cloud

Implementation highlights

  • Bar-coding for all items in Stock.
  • User Acceptance – Step by step approach accepted very well by the users.
  • Loyalty cards for all the Customers.
  • Entire operations completed in desired time.

Key Benefits Derived using Retail365Cloud

  • Happy Staff; Smooth inventory operations (POS billing & back-office management)
  • Happy Customers – Easy capture of Customer Cards at POS counter with loyalty program in place
  • Happy Suppliers – Integration of Retail Accounting system easily extracts relevant information
  • Effective Management Decision – Readily available concise yet comprehensive business reporting helps decision making much faster and on-time

Cost Effectiveness and ROI

POS systems are designed keeping space in mind where as low cost assembled computers give you an extra edge over POS system not only a price difference but also reduces vendor dependency. Readily available barcode & pos hardware like barcode printer, barcode scanner, bill printers and card readers makes entire system a one tightly integrated solution yet separate components helps you breathe easily.

Integrated systems not only makes informed decision better but it also reduces hassle of gathering information from various sources thus saves time. System itself is so robust and smooth that it accepts to a user's usability thus reduces manpower dependency.

Thus, benefits rendered by system are not monetary always, not all benefits are immediate, but in a longer run it's a complete return on investment.

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