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A Provision Store of 1700 sq ft.

About Provision Store

1500 Sq Ft XYZ Provision Store is located at one of the residential complex. It supplies all day-to-day grocery needs and caters to upper middle class of society who reside in the complex.



Accuracy is Business


Business Growth

Before Retail365cloud

Reason for Conversion

They were running a DOS based system which does not support barcodes hence movement of stock at checkout eats-up more time and customers had to queue up. Inventory management program and customer relationship program were two different programs hence operators had to duplicate their work which consumes more time and annoys customer.

Traditionally designed system does not have any security features thus it became a pain for the management to keep track of frauds and mistakes. Unmanaged inventory leads to wrong and non-usable reporting.


  • Make use of Barcode to help checkout faster.
  • Integrated home delivery system that takes care of delivery of material to its valued customer.
  • Replace outdated system with stable and secured to restrict staff mal-functioning.
  • Integrate entire system that returns well-informed reporting that makes decision making faster.

Challenges faced

  • Transition from one system to another
  • Taking physical stock of more than 15000 units
  • Busy Sales counter
  • Manpower resistance to change
  • Multiple levels of security has challenged operators freedom

Solutions and Services Offered with Reasoning by Retail365Cloud

Implementation highlights

  • Busy Sales counter
  • Magnetic strip cards (like Debit & Credit cards) for all the Customers
  • Barcoding for all items in Stock
  • User Acceptance – Job oriented training to general staff and control mechanism training to management

Key Benefits using Retail365Cloud

  • Happy Staff - Smooth POS billing with no work repetition increases job efficiency
  • Effective Management Decision & Readily available concise yet comprehensive business reporting helps decision making much faster and on-time and also keeps a bird-eye view on day-to-day user activities.
  • Using powerful security system, grant required access to each user, helps controlling mistakes
  • Happy Customers & Easy capture of Customer details and immediate answers to their questions increases customer loyalty thus reduces the pain of customer retention
  • Integrated systems not only makes informed decision better but it also reduces hassle of gathering information from various sources hence saves time.
  • System itself is so robust and smooth that it adapts to user's requirement and shoulders your responsibility, thus allowing you to focus on expansion

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