Retail365cloud - Mobile Application


Dashboard shows statistics for Barcode Printer, Employee, sales, customer, Discount.

Stock / Purchase / Sales MGMT

Never go out of stock in your inventory management. Know low stock, purchase,sales items and invest it in right inventory to increase your business revenue.

Payment Reminders

Helps you to get paid faster by reminding you for pending payments from your customer. You can also send automatic sms and email to your parties for pending payment.


Retail365cloud is a fully customizable app where you can enable or disable any functionality based on your need. It is help you to see the right things which are applicable for your business.

Auto Backup

Retail365cloud provide auto backup functionality which keep your data completely safe. It will take the backup of your complete data automatically to your personal drive and keep safe your data all time.

Detailed Reports

Detail report functionality help you to keep track of all your transaction. You can easily view all types of details of your trasactions from our report section.

Business Status

To know the overall status of your business the business status screen is your one stop show.It will gives your details about your current cash - in -hand, stock value, expenses, bank account balances at one place.

Go Paperless

Our environment is precious.So, we need to work together to save it. Send all your invoices, party payments, reports digitally using sms or email to save paper.

Transaction Message

Retail365cloud automatic send sms(message) and email to your customer and suppliers for every transaction. It help you to look professional and keep both the business parties up to date.

Owner Message

Receive a message or email from your staff on every transaction. It helps you to keep a close watch on what your employees entering in Retail365cloud software.

Receivable / Payable

Be on top of all your receivable money (which you have to collect from the market) and payable money (which you have to pay to the market) at all times and have clear visiblity of who owes you how much. It helps you to remind them on time and maintain good capital for your business.


Take orders from your customer and gave them order receipt with professional sales order form. It help you to track status of order and meet all orders ontime.

Bank Accounts

Keep a clear view of all your credit cards, e-wallets,debot cards, bank accounts which used in your business. It helps you to maintain right cashflow and liquidity at the right time.

Dedicated & Free Support

Help customers all time is our main strength.Apart from constructing the right product for customers, we trust in being aspects with our users and make syore that we are available anytime for any question.

Item Import

If you have huge item list in excel then don`t worry. Import all your items from excel in very simple way. No extra effort of manually entering the items in Retail365cloud.