Modules of Retail365cloud

Retail365Cloud has a wide feature index and its billing capabilities have helped many businesses manage customer queues in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading billing software.


Get it done faster.

Bring dramatical speed to your billing counter and reduce the size of queue as you can generate and print your own bar codes with the help of Retail365cloud. It can be integrated with any Barcode Scanner which will help you to handle large scale inventories and items.

Digital Payment

Give your customers a happy shopping experience by giving convenient transaction and most popular digital payment option.

With Retail365cloud you may offer various benefits to your customers like multiple payment modes, split payments (Half online payment, half cash payment), flexibility to configure discounts and schemes and update inventory information on a real-time basis.

Retail365cloud allows you to collect payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile Wallets, UPI and Aadhar based payments, voucher and cash from your customers. Retail365cloud supports all leading banks and payment companies.

Integrated Accounting

Multiple transaction tools into one ERP

Retail365cloud comes integrated with various accounting software which totally eliminates the need to do double work for posting entry in accounts.

Stock ( Control )

- Stock Inward

- Stock Outward

- Dead Stock

Implementing Retail365cloud ERP software with inventory management functionality will give you a clear view into your stock in real time. Being able to identify and track items at specific levels such as size, quantity.Which enables you to identify trends at your store and ensure that popular, in-season products are well stocked. This makes it easy to monitor and resupply your top-selling items, as well as to mark down low-selling products to phase them out.


- Purchase Operation

- Purchase Return

Retail365cloud easily manage purchase order and perchase return. If anyone purchases something then it will be automatically decrease from stock. And If some products are under return policy (like: Damage) and the product was returned then it will be automatically added in stock.


- Sales Operation

- Sales Return

Standard tools to manage your sale prices responsively and intuitively. Bulk edit/update tools, time limited pricing and logical calculations mean that maintaining competitive prices without sacrificing margin has never been easier.Retail365cloud easily manage your sales operation and sales return product.